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PTUK Training

Our training centre opened in 2015. The centre offers courses both internally and externally, providing training to the public and existing ambulance staff.

All of our trainers are certified as well as experienced within the industry.

We are able to conduct a range of courses at our centre or alternatively we can travel and conduct training at your premises. We also offer the option of blended first aid courses, allowing you to reduce the time spent in the classroom by studying online.


Please see our available courses below:


50 plus First Aid                                                                                    AED
Appointed Persons in the Workplace                                              Basic Equestrian First Aid
Basic First Aid                                                                                       CPR/BLS
CPR/BLS and AED Level 2                                                                EFAW-F for Forestry               
COSHH Level 2                                                                                    FAW-F for Forestry
Emergency First Aid at Work Level 2                                              Equestrian First Aid at Work
Emergency Paediatric First Aid level 3                                            FAW-F for Forestry
Fire Safety Awareness Level 1                                                          Family First Aid
Fire Safety Principles Level 2                                                            First Aid at Work Level 3
First Aid At Work Annual Refresher                                                 First Aid Plus
First Aid at Work Requalification                                                      First Aid for Cyclists
First Aid at Work Requalification for Forestry (FAW-F)                First Aid for Teachers
First Aid for Motorcyclists                                                                  Health and Safety Principles
Health and Safety Awareness Level 2                                            Infection Control Awareness         

Infection Control for Healthcare Workers                                      Oxygen Provider                                             

Moving and Assisting of People Level 2                                         Parent First Aid
Paediatric First Aid Level 3                                                                Risk Assessment Level 2
Paediatric First Aid for Nannies and Au Pairs                                 Safeguarding of Children       
Safe Moving and Handling Level 2                                                  Sports First Aid
Safeguarding of Vulnerable Adults  


In addition to mandatory basic training modules, we are able to offer the following specific mental health training:

Mental Capacity Act                                                                           Mental Health Awareness

Control and Restraint                                                                         Use of Restraint Equipment
Disengagement of Vulnerable Persons                                         Conflict Resolution
Management of Violence and Aggression                                    Physical Intervention

De-Escalation Techniques

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